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Then they ignore you

Then they ignore you

Posted Nov 11, 2012 10:59 UTC (Sun) by mjw (subscriber, #16740)
In reply to: Then they ignore you by cesarb
Parent article: LibreOffice and OpenOffice clash over user numbers (OStatic)

Yeah, comparing commits against projects is always a little iffy. But in this case it does seem somewhat comparable. They are both branches of the same code base and the commits in both cases are generally small, with an occasional bigger commit in between. So LibreOffice sees approx 10 times the number of changes that Apache Office sees in the same timeframe. Still OpenOffice at Apache with ~60 commits by ~10 different people per month is far from dead. That is even a respectable amount of work for a lot of free software projects (I work on some smaller projects that see far less activity than that). But it really looks like what Apache Office does in 1 year is comparable to what LibreOffice does each and every month. Which does make sense if you see the momentum behind The Document Foundation and how much bigger the contributor base is for LibreOffice. The large amount of new features they add for each release is another indicator. But take all cross-project commit statistics with a grain of salt. It is just a coarse indicator of developer activity.

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Then they ignore you

Posted Nov 16, 2012 3:37 UTC (Fri) by steffen780 (guest, #68142) [Link]

60 commits by 10 people in a month would be GREAT for a small project, especially one that goes with no or almost no funding. But AOO is neither small, nor does it have to make do without funding. For a project of this size 60 commits in a month is a complete joke.

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