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Mena-Quintero: A Friday rant on Gnome 3, journalists, and power users

Mena-Quintero: A Friday rant on Gnome 3, journalists, and power users

Posted Nov 10, 2012 22:58 UTC (Sat) by AndreE (guest, #60148)
Parent article: Mena-Quintero: A Friday rant on Gnome 3, journalists, and power users

GNOME posts on lwn often violate the "would show my boss" feel of this site. It's a shame. Maybe guest commenting should be disabled on these articles.

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Mena-Quintero: A Friday rant on Gnome 3, journalists, and power users

Posted Nov 10, 2012 23:34 UTC (Sat) by ccchips (subscriber, #3222) [Link]

I posted this under the wrong thread. Sorry. If possible, can the Editor remove the one under "Prima Donna?"

That would be unkind. I am a guest right now because I can't cough up the payment at the moment, but I'd rather be a subscriber, and will be when I can afford it again.

LWN censorship

Posted Nov 11, 2012 12:39 UTC (Sun) by JMB (guest, #74439) [Link]

Nice post - maybe GNOME developers were doing the same thing - just
disabling bug reports from non-developers - or was it the filtering
thing advised in the end of the main article?
Do you really see a difference in knowledge from all posts so you
can say "quality (subscribers) >> quality (guests)"?
Do you want to live in a world were only allowed people can speak up?
And rising questions - just a personal one after 10 years in IT business:
Do you really have a boss deeply interested in technical details?

LWN censorship

Posted Nov 11, 2012 22:46 UTC (Sun) by AndreE (guest, #60148) [Link]

There are plenty of places to spew flame worthy rants. This isn't the GNOME mailing list, I am not a GNOME use, and this isn't a free speech issue. Your conflation of free speech with the standards of a self selecting community is precisely the sort of histrionics I'm talking about.

This site generally has the most informed and interesting comments of any Linux site on the net. Except when it comes to GNOME articles

As a paying subscriber, I want to see this level of quality maintained, not dragged down by people who mistake this for Slashdot or phoronix.

LWN censorship

Posted Nov 12, 2012 15:05 UTC (Mon) by JMB (guest, #74439) [Link]

I don't get your point.
It was not my intention to claim you personally may be or really are
against free speach. I do hope you did not get that impression.
But asking to shut someone down is always problematic - and this
was your point IMHO, wasn't it.
From my point of view the discussion here is interesting - even
though (this is a point for your argument) the facts are not
the majority - which is different in other LWN comments.
From my perspective we currently have a social problem, how to
deal with people, help others etc.
Many things tend to be changed in ways many of those starting Linux
in the 90-ies are not happy to see.
I am sure that if former colleagues of mine would read this they
will absolutely state that histrionics is not my part - but standing
on the feet of others deliberatly kicking others is.
GNOME has a good share of Linux DEs - so if things get problematic
for a good deal of their users, they may have a problem - even if
they chose a different DE for their private computer.
And having to leave something you got familiar with is not nice.
Putting it the other way around - if no one would care about GNOME,
at least on LWN you would not see such a discussion.
So GNOME is important and it might be good for GNOME developers to
look at the details - and to bring together people who fell apart
(Unity anyone). This would be best for the entire community - and
will end discussions like this one on LWN.

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