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Introducing RedPatch (Ksplice Blog)

Introducing RedPatch (Ksplice Blog)

Posted Nov 10, 2012 14:14 UTC (Sat) by bahomet (guest, #87773)
In reply to: Introducing RedPatch (Ksplice Blog) by boklm
Parent article: Introducing RedPatch (Ksplice Blog)

That most likely would work with a covet 3rdparty.

However, what Oracle aims at and RH tries to prevent is:
- neither access to the knowledge base meant by the patches
(that's fairly accomplished by an RHN subscription)
- nor a crusade for making this knowledge base public
- rather, making a business that builds on this knowledge base

... for which Oracle would need an authentic public distribution of that
knowledge base, and that's exactly what RH stopped to give out.

RedPatch is a clever trick though -- while Oracle cannot publicly use the original knowledge base, it's certainly possible for them to reverse engineer it from public sources and arrive at a freely usable by-and-large equivalent of the original.

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