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Raghavan: PulseConf 2012: Report

Raghavan: PulseConf 2012: Report

Posted Nov 8, 2012 20:57 UTC (Thu) by akeane (guest, #85436)
In reply to: Raghavan: PulseConf 2012: Report by epa
Parent article: Raghavan: PulseConf 2012: Report

>I am quite happy doing audio mixing on my system with the traditional shell scripts and using runlevels to control the volume.

Blimey! that's overkill, scripts, runlevels, pah! just pipe your *.wav files into hexdump look at the output, then play the sound in your head.

A bit more tricky using mp3 or OGG, with the decoding and all, but with a little practice you'll soon be able to "play" classic Van Halen tracks with ease!

This has the advantages of:

1) No need to spend $$$ on overpriced new fangled audio hardware!
2) Save precious battery life!
3) If you are an 18th century German composer you can still enjoy them there sonatas you wrote!

No doubt some joker will claim you could just print out the score and do the same, but they are merely Luddite fools!

4) You don't have to use Puls^H^H^H

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