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The easy way out

The easy way out

Posted Nov 6, 2012 22:50 UTC (Tue) by jake (editor, #205)
In reply to: The easy way out by Rudd-O
Parent article: Let’s Limit the Effect of Software Patents, Since We Can’t Eliminate Them (Wired)

Please, can we move discussion of political systems, the right or wrongness of government, and other similar topics to a more appropriate forum?

This thread is (or should be) about patents and RMS's thoughts thereon ...



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The easy way out

Posted Nov 6, 2012 23:10 UTC (Tue) by Rudd-O (guest, #61155) [Link]

Now this sounds like a more reasonable response.

I agree.

Everyone who is interested in having a conversation about political systems and whatnot, is cordially invited to . Have a great day.

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