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Motif relicensed

Motif relicensed

Posted Nov 5, 2012 13:55 UTC (Mon) by mirabilos (subscriber, #84359)
Parent article: Motif relicensed

I care, I also signed the petition to have CDE freed, back several years ago.

Not just for archeology, although having historic stuff available is great (e.g. in case of the 4.xBSD documentation and papers which the modern BSDs can ship since a while) or even useful (some oldish code to replace less free modern code also helped the BSDs), but also for competition.

Sure, CDE looks “different”, but, to be honest, what doesn’t, these days? When I first saw KDE 4 and Windows® 7, I couldn’t decide on which looked worse (but decided they looked alike). GNOME 3 is a disaster that needs no explanation (although I never liked GNOME), and Unity, well… is very polarising. LXDE and Xfce are niche systems and, just like GNUstep, look and feel totally different. So, why not CDE?

I might give it a try. Or not. But still, it’s nice to have the choice.

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