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Seeking Enlightenment (The H)

Seeking Enlightenment (The H)

Posted Nov 4, 2012 22:38 UTC (Sun) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950)
In reply to: Seeking Enlightenment (The H) by dsommers
Parent article: Seeking Enlightenment (The H)

Rather go to the root of the problem, fixing gnome-shell or whatever else responsible for these massive screen refreshes.

I like the animation; it is pretty minimal. Obviously when stuff is remote you have to ensure that it is efficient. But I wouldn't want all the limitations and trade-offs that you need for something like that applied to when I have a local connection

When it is remote, it needs to be responsive / quick. You immediately suggest not doing screen refreshes. But that is a pretty easy view because your focus is that animation. What if you have some application that is also graphically intense?

It seems better to determine on a case by case basis what the best solution is. For the animation, maybe making gnome-shell efficient when used during a remote desktop viewing (ideally anything, VNC, SPICE, remote X, ...). But making e.g. SPICE more efficient would also help for some applications.

I like things that automatically do the right thing, eventhough that might take a while to get right. During which a visible 'knob' might be seen as a better solution. I still love that you don't need an xorg.conf, etc.

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Seeking Enlightenment (The H)

Posted Nov 5, 2012 22:47 UTC (Mon) by bojan (subscriber, #14302) [Link]

> You immediately suggest not doing screen refreshes.

Unnecessary screen refreshes should not be done. Nobody needs a dash, a workspace switcher and expose when they just want to start an app.

Seeking Enlightenment (The H)

Posted Nov 5, 2012 22:52 UTC (Mon) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950) [Link]

I sometimes use overview mode, sometimes ALT-F2.

The different screen is to avoid any distractions. It focusses you on what you're currently doing (current application). I understand that for you the reasoning behind the way GNOME works is not what you like. But that is why there are multiple desktops and also why there are extensions in GNOME.

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