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Fedora 18 Beta slips again

Fedora 18 Beta slips again

Posted Nov 2, 2012 19:44 UTC (Fri) by wagerrard (guest, #87558)
In reply to: Fedora 18 Beta slips again by duffy
Parent article: Fedora 18 Beta slips again

Hi, thanks for your thoughts. I've been working with the "Smoke" net install ISO's lately, and with the nightly images earlier. 18.23 was the version that went up late last night my time.

I haven't seen that dialogue popup to "Configure Mount Point" yet. If memory serves, clicking on the gear/screwdriver icon had no effect here. I can't preclude the possibility that the popup was there with the nightly images. I need to use "nomodeset" to boot the nightlies and the resulting resolution is very low. A popup may have been offscreen. The net install images don't require nomodset and come up per normal. (Last night, it crashed at the point of highlighting a partition, so I didn't get as far as the gear/screwdriver.)

You're right, of course, that identifying drives with "/dev/sda" nomenclature is subject to inconsistencies and other issues. As long as the individual drives can be differentiated in some fashion, as they can be, this user will be OK.

I've used Linux since 1995 and have to say that taking on the challenge of improving an installer's handling of manual, especially multiple drive, partitioning is a formidable task. A very large number of variable scenarios and a very large number of user habits to contend with. This issue with partitioning is the *only* problem I've had with F18 at this point, and it's still about 2 months from release.

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