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Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Posted Oct 31, 2012 21:05 UTC (Wed) by davidstrauss (subscriber, #85867)
In reply to: Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H) by dlang
Parent article: Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

> umm, you do realize that even without the formal alpha/beta releases, they still have everything available for you to download and run throughout the process.

Everything except what Canonical develops in private. The significance of fewer test releases seems to be that Canonical will probably drop in their "ta-da" components around the first pre-release, which will now be the *only* pre-release.

> the fact that they want to add a 'ta da' moment at the end and as such will be developing a small number of things separately and adding them at the end really shouldn't be that big a deal, you can just ignore these new things if you want.

I don't believe that. This decision to develop some things in private is clearly motivated by the long, lukewarm reception of Unity through its early iterations -- and I don't blame them for not wanting a repeat. But, when a distro changes something at that level, it's not just an issue of ignoring it.

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Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Posted Oct 31, 2012 21:13 UTC (Wed) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

I doubt the 'new feature' will be as big as unity. remember that it was optional a full release before it became the default.

In any case, I run Ubuntu and ignore Unity quite nicely. I just install a different desktop. :-)

Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Posted Oct 31, 2012 21:55 UTC (Wed) by jspaleta (subscriber, #50639) [Link]

That's probably how its going to play out.

I'm expecting "tada" "bombshells" to be confined nearly exclusively towards features that enhance the Unity desktop on initial reveal. I can imagine some feature reveals of this nature causing headaches for the Ubuntu community trying to field a GNOME remix, if Canonical needs to further modify the GNOME stack to deliver something new like a tweak of the gnome control center (if Unity hasn't reimplemented their own CC yet), but I wouldn't expect that sort of thing to show up late as big reveal. I fully expect these things to be very tailored to Unity initially and positioned as desirable unique features that differentiate Unity from other options.

Users of KDE as implemented in Kubuntu should probably be pretty safe from any blowback from a late breaking Unity desktop feature.


Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Posted Nov 1, 2012 1:34 UTC (Thu) by aryonoco (guest, #55563) [Link]

Indeed I'm finding Ubuntu 12.10 to be a very solid basis for running Gnome 3.6.

Just needed to add the Gnome 3 PPA, with which I got Nautilus 3.6 and Totem 3.6 and a few other things not in Ubuntu's respositories. Then all I had to do was change the theme/icons to Adwaita, and set gdm as the default login manager, and ta-da! I'm getting the 'full' gnome 3 experience right here on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Posted Nov 6, 2012 7:43 UTC (Tue) by mgedmin (subscriber, #34497) [Link]

Interesting. When I tried gdm + gnome-shell on Ubuntu 12.10, I had two problems: one, the shell was using llvmpipe instead of a proper accelerated 3D (bad permissions on /dev/dri/card0 that I never tracked down due to issue two), and two, screen locking was badly broken and did not allow me to enter my password to unlock (and also did not let me use Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Alt+SysRq+K to recover).

I switched to lightdm and gnome-shell works now. (It didn't at first -- I would be kicked bad into lightdm as soon as I logged in, with no error information in ~/.xsession-errors. But then I logged in into Unity, logged out, and then could login into gnome-shell as well. All very mysterious.)

Ubuntu: No more alphas, just one beta (The H)

Posted Dec 2, 2012 20:03 UTC (Sun) by mgedmin (subscriber, #34497) [Link]

For the record, I switched back to gdm and could not longer reproduce either of the problems (DRI permissions nor GDM unlock issues).

I had some fun with gnome-shell crashing on unlock (

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