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What peculiar semantics

What peculiar semantics

Posted Oct 29, 2012 17:35 UTC (Mon) by anselm (subscriber, #2796)
In reply to: What peculiar semantics by Arker
Parent article: Airlie: raspberry pi drivers are NOT useful

The more I look at it the more unbelievable it seems that anyone would actually buy it understanding what they are getting.

I understand that even so one can still do many interesting and challenging things with a Raspberry Pi as it is. (I don't have one, myself.)

As a matter of fact, it is quite probable that the Intel CPU which is »actually in control of the board« of your PC contains loadable non-free code that you don't get to look at or change. In that respect it isn't all that different from the Raspberry Pi SoC. It would be very nice if the Raspberry Pi GPU software were free, but that it isn't doesn't detract from the Raspberry Pi's utility for many purposes. In fact, if the Raspberry Pi's GPU code was in ROM then even the FSF would presumably be happy with that; you can still do what you want with the Linux on the machine.

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What peculiar semantics

Posted Oct 29, 2012 18:07 UTC (Mon) by alonz (subscriber, #815) [Link]

Actually I can tell you for certain that some (most?) Intel SoCs contain a second processor that is completely closed-source and has full control of the system, overriding even the x86.

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