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Motif relicensed

Motif relicensed

Posted Oct 26, 2012 21:49 UTC (Fri) by cry_regarder (subscriber, #50545)
Parent article: Motif relicensed

This brings back so many memories. Cut my teeth in C++ back in 94 building up a massive set of motif widgets for mapping using Doug Young's Motif in C++ approach. Wanted to be able to do it at home.

Was a hair's breath away from ordering Novel Unixware with a Motif development license, when low and behold, I saw an add in the back of Dr. Dobb's Journal for this thing called Linux that came with a Motif development license for a mere $90. Ordered it, got a box of 40 something floppy disks.

Dual booted my Windows NT beta program computer. Four months later, realized I hadn't rebooted into windows in that whole time. Haven't run windows at home since.

All thanks to Motif.


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