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Motif relicensed

Motif relicensed

Posted Oct 26, 2012 0:33 UTC (Fri) by jwoithe (subscriber, #10521)
In reply to: Motif relicensed by josh
Parent article: Motif relicensed

The later versions may have moved on, but some components of a circa 2010 FPGA development I rely on used motif and did not work if lesstif was supplied instead. I can't recall the precise reason now. In any case, OpenMotif 2.2.3 made things work so that's what I made available to that application.

It's likely that the current version of the environment no longer has this dependency: most of the components had been migrated away from Motif (to Qt I think), but in 2010 there was still one holdout.

Certainly the relevance of Motif today is extremely limited, but there are some corner cases where it is (sadly) still required.

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