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Heilmann: Don’t call it “open source” unless you mean it

Heilmann: Don’t call it “open source” unless you mean it

Posted Oct 24, 2012 15:07 UTC (Wed) by ParadoxUncreated (guest, #87037)
Parent article: Heilmann: Don’t call it “open source” unless you mean it

Open Source is not neccesarily about other peoples patches. I am doing fine without other peoples patches, it is the kind of project that does well without patches. I am doing all the development, and it is world class. (Audio DSP plugins )

A big plus here is ofcourse the possiblity to compile on any architecture with a supported compiler.

If anyone should have any patches, I won`t reject them ofcourse, as long as they are good. Or they can maintain their own patched versions. But I don`t think most people can jump in there and improved DSP that has iterated for 10 years.

Noone came up with this at concentrated audio-developer meetpoints as KvR. They indeed copied some of my earlier versions in their designs instead. So you know open-source may not be neccesarily about patches, but about architectures and really freeing an algorithm, to the open-source world, making it free of corporations and bankrupcies, never needing to go through the development and testing-phases again.

Open-source is very good in that respect, acting as a library, of what eventually becomes very good algorithms for many things.

Peace Be With You.

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