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Talk about bad timing

Talk about bad timing

Posted Oct 22, 2012 17:25 UTC (Mon) by man_ls (guest, #15091)
In reply to: Talk about bad timing by nix
Parent article: Sunday's stable kernel updates

Sorry, I read the "emacs repo" bit but then managed to overlook it completely when I replied. I am now tempted to recommend something like git-bzr to access bzr repos using git. But:

  • The many git-bzr's I find seem to be poorly maintained, which by the way is relevant to another item on the front-page.
  • I am using git-svn currently and it is not as great as you would expect: the commands feel alien both to git and to svn
Perhaps it is time to lobby the FSF to abandon bzr and use git instead, as they so pragmatically did with the Linux kernel; I can assure you that most projects on Savannah use git. Although that might start another apocalyptic flamewar like with the Linux kernel. Also, the FSF might be tempted to start calling it GNU/git in a few years... just joking (as only a card-carrying FSFE member officially can).

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Talk about bad timing

Posted Oct 23, 2012 18:37 UTC (Tue) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Those apocalyptic flamewars happen regularly on the emacs list :( RMS is unmoved. bzr it shall be, even though projects like Gnus which Emacs draws from use git :( even more amusingly, joining two git repos together is trivial (git remote add and then pull or fetch and merge as usual). Joining two bzr repos together requires 'bzr join', which despite the lack of a comment in the manpage is widely known to work only for trivial cases.

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