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Do Not Track Does Not Conquer

Do Not Track Does Not Conquer

Posted Oct 21, 2012 17:27 UTC (Sun) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954)
In reply to: Do Not Track Does Not Conquer by bosyber
Parent article: Do Not Track Does Not Conquer

Why would people want an ad for something they bought already?

Maybe I didn't include enough context, but I'm sure what the advertiser was talking about was consumables, such as groceries and cleaning supplies.

I can easily believe coupons for those work, because without the coupon, the person might delay restocking, and consequently consuming, or might go to a different store to restock.

Obviously, the system isn't perfect. Sometimes the price you pay for sending someone a coupon that works is you have to send him 5 that don't. Amazon kept pressing me to buy a certain model of garbage can for a month after I bought it - from Amazon. But I know the program that did that works on average.

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Do Not Track Does Not Conquer

Posted Oct 22, 2012 6:32 UTC (Mon) by bosyber (guest, #84963) [Link]

Okay, I see, that might work then. Though as you say, it still is tricky to get right.

I suppose that we live in different areas (I live in the Netherlands) - I know hardly anyone who seriously uses coupons - sure we may watch what the advertising leaflets of the grocery stores have on offer and it might have some influence on where we buy what, but to be honest, the weather and other activities have more influence. Different experiences for different people I guess :)

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