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UI matters?

UI matters?

Posted Oct 13, 2012 15:19 UTC (Sat) by man_ls (guest, #15091)
In reply to: The story of Nokia MeeGo (TaskuMuro) by mjg59
Parent article: The story of Nokia MeeGo (TaskuMuro)

(1) Trivially true. The difference may or may not be relevant.

(2) I don't know, I bought my Nexus S from Vodafone Spain (which also offers the Galaxy Nexus). Typically buyers will prefer to buy Google phones unlocked and without a contract (i.e. straight from Google).

Since you don't provide any data to support your statement, just a couple of riddles, let me bring up a scientific sample of the first three pages for "Samsung Galaxy S3 review" that come up on Google.

  • CNET lists "Touchwiz" as a minus.
  • TechRadar lists "Top media management" as a pro, which could be construed as UI -- but which can also be just an app.
  • Technorati has a very confusing 4-page review, but at the end says:
    The Samsung Galaxy S III is still one of the top phones on the Android Market right now. Some software issues aside the phone still out performs so many other devices. The hardware side alone is mesmerizing enough and some of the other features just need a bit fine tuning and you have yourself a very worthy phone for a while.
    Let me translate: "software bearable, hardware good".
If Nokia cannot build better hardware than Samsung, then they are in big trouble, Windows or not Windows.

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