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Linux and automotive computing security

Linux and automotive computing security

Posted Oct 12, 2012 10:05 UTC (Fri) by ortalo (subscriber, #4654)
In reply to: Linux and automotive computing security by PinguTS
Parent article: Linux and automotive computing security

Well I understand your position (really). However, I do not agree.
Personnally, I do not want to trade robustness and reliability for security. I want robustness, reliability *and* security.

However, the level of open and verifiable guarantees that security necessitates is apparently something that manufacturers are not ready to offer. That they are not willing to offer. As a security professional, this makes me untrustworthy (and not only about security, but also about robustness and reliability by the way). And I know too that overcoming management lack of interest and lack of funding for security is hard, so...

I'll certainly concede you that it is my job to be doubtful. But I do not think I am paranoid here. And I am pretty sure that things could be done *much* better in this area.

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