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Posted Oct 11, 2012 1:26 UTC (Thu) by Comet (subscriber, #11646)
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The usual architecture these days is to use WebHooks, POSTing, usually JSON, via a REST API to a server when some event happens. Each emitter of events can define their native format, and services can act as a gateway to convert the payload into, eg, an IRC message.

Services like GitHub may not be open source, but are used by a number of projects, and their admin panel lets you not just post GH's native format to an arbitrary endpoint you specify, but has a large library of pre-canned end-points, where the content is massaged automatically and the repo owner just needs to provide a couple of variables.

Using GitHub as an example again, there's already native IRC support for posting commit events to a channel. The hooks themselves are open source.

Ideally, we'd be able to have pushes from our main repo, which get auto-synced to GitHub, trigger the hooks, so we wouldn't even need to switch to GitHub as the main repository, but just use it as part of a pipeline for notification. At present, I think the pushes need to be done directly to GitHub.

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