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Distribution quote of the week

Distribution quote of the week

Posted Oct 8, 2012 20:42 UTC (Mon) by cworth (guest, #27653)
Parent article: Distribution quote of the week

Well said, Rusty.

Here's one of my favorite examples of a response that hits all the right "encouraging and thoughtful" notes, (while also not promising any help that wouldn't be possible:


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Distribution quote of the week

Posted Oct 9, 2012 3:29 UTC (Tue) by khim (subscriber, #9252) [Link]

It's all about balance. Newbies (and in particular, kids, who are, by definition, newbies in everything) can shout nonsense because they just don't know any better. They may learn and become valuable members of the community. Unfortunately there are a lot of guys who just refuse to learn and present their insane, non-working ideas year after year. These just waste everyone's time.

It's hard to distinguish these two cases - especially over e-mail. But to encourage second group is to encourage pointless waste of time! And thus, even if one particular individual is always better served by "encouraging and thoughtful" notes it does not mean that it's always the right thing to do.

P.S. And there are yet another subtle differences: some ideas are insane in principle, but some just need the right foundation. Raytracing on GPU was unfeasible for many years because it only makes sense when you can send many parallel requests to different addresses in memory - and latest generations of GPU are finally moving in this direction.

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