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Mozilla "Persona" beta release

Mozilla "Persona" beta release

Posted Oct 4, 2012 17:32 UTC (Thu) by gerv (subscriber, #3376)
In reply to: Mozilla "Persona" beta release by adamgundy
Parent article: Mozilla "Persona" beta release

If multiple people share a single email address, then they can do "password recovery" on any current site which is linked to that email address and then log in to it anyway.

Sharing an email address and expecting to have privacy over sites you log into using that address is... optimistic.

In the parent/kid situation, presumably the parents also have their own email addresses they can use?


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Mozilla "Persona" beta release

Posted Oct 4, 2012 18:21 UTC (Thu) by adamgundy (subscriber, #5418) [Link]

it doesn't seem so from my experience. typically they were given one email address by their ISP when the account was set up, and that's the one they all use.

it doesn't matter that there are numerous free email providers, or that the ISP is perfectly capable of creating more accounts.. it's beyond the wit of many users to set them up, and/or they don't want to (the parent/kid example again).

only reasonably computer-savvy people seem to create an account for each person.

password recovery is not really the point: most sites these days won't tell you the password, they'll reset it to something random and make you reset it. doing that leaves a trail of evidence if you 'break into' Mom or Dad's facebook account, since the password has changed.

the point is that you can go to any random site that supports this type of login and 'be' the combined family entity referred to by your shared email, since you must all have the password. worse than that, you're FORCED to be the same entity, unless they provide an alternative way of signing up.

Mozilla "Persona" beta release

Posted Oct 15, 2012 2:44 UTC (Mon) by TRauMa (guest, #16483) [Link]

I fail to see how the class of user you describe would ever use any other login scheme than username/password anyway.

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