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Distribution quote of the week

Distribution quote of the week

Posted Oct 4, 2012 13:08 UTC (Thu) by rvfh (subscriber, #31018)
Parent article: Distribution quote of the week

I love this quote. This is so true. Every time I talk about my pet backup project, all I hear is: 'there are already dozens of existing ones that do X and Y', 'get a life' or 'just use tool Z and that's all you need.' Sometimes I even get 'you would need years to reach the level to do this.'

I have ended up telling people that I was doing it for fun, because I like programming and it allows me to learn new things. While the latter is true indeed, I secretly consider my own project to be unique in its set of features and a different answer to the problem, and I love it.

So if you have an itch, just scratch it and ignore those bad comments. Often you will realize they come from people who themselves miss the skills, will and most of all enthusiasm! You have it? Keep it up!

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