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GNOME 3.6 released

GNOME 3.6 released

Posted Sep 28, 2012 18:55 UTC (Fri) by GhePeU (subscriber, #56133)
In reply to: GNOME 3.6 released by boudewijn
Parent article: GNOME 3.6 released

Ever heard of ssh? I use those terminals mostly to connect to routers, switches and servers.

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GNOME 3.6 released

Posted Sep 29, 2012 9:07 UTC (Sat) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185) [Link]

Yeah, I have heard of ssh, but thanks for the tip all the same. Putty is decent, but not outstanding. But I use terminals mostly for development stuff, and on Windows, that's completely lacking. And yes, I also do Windows development, so I know what I'm talking about and I've tried all the options.

GNOME 3.6 released

Posted Sep 29, 2012 16:24 UTC (Sat) by khim (subscriber, #9252) [Link]

At least putty works. We are talking about GNOME here right? I'll take Putty over the default GNOME's terminal any day of the week: at least putty does not spend more CPU resources to show me the gcc's command line then it takes for gcc to compile complex C++ code!

When I see that my terminals fully hogs the CPU core just to show the commands executed by make I weep.

P.S. Just don't try to compare Linux port of Putty with anything: I'm not sure who did that port but it's awful, yes, I know. We are talking about Putty on Windows here.

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