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The cake, it was a lie

The cake, it was a lie

Posted Sep 27, 2012 13:05 UTC (Thu) by Jonno (subscriber, #49613)
In reply to: The cake, it was a lie by renox
Parent article: GStreamer 1.0 released

>> Yet another place where distributions are a problem not a solution.
> Given that this is in a discussion about KDE and that the KDE projects shipped quite a few immature technology at the start of KDE4.x enabling them by default which meant that if a user wanted a stable KDE desktop he had to find a distribution which disabled those things (or do the work himself) I cannot help but finding this sentence funny.
Well, given that the KDE project explicitly told distributions to stay with KDE 3.5 for their stable releases and only offer KDE 4.[01] as an option for the unwary, and the problem you described resulted from distributions choosing to ignore the upstream advice, I cannot help but find your statement ignorant ;-)

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The cake, it was a lie

Posted Sep 27, 2012 13:36 UTC (Thu) by renox (subscriber, #23785) [Link]

You assume that KDE4.[01] is the only one to have troubles, but PCLinuxOS still disabled Nepomuk much later than this..

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