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Bazaar on the slow track

Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 26, 2012 10:00 UTC (Wed) by makomk (guest, #51493)
In reply to: Bazaar on the slow track by cmccabe
Parent article: Bazaar on the slow track

Ubuntu are hardly the first distro to go off on their own with their init system, though. The days Debian's using a weird dependency-driven system (apparently derived from OpenSuse?), and Gentoo's pretty much always had its own init system (though I think some of its tools are Debian-derived). Once you've got something that's actually dependency-driven, switching to systemd suddenly starts to look a lot less worthwhile.

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Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 26, 2012 14:38 UTC (Wed) by smurf (subscriber, #17840) [Link]

I beg to differ; there are a couple of other good reasons why systemd is a good idea.

Before: "Owch, the job failed to start. Now which syslog file did it log its error message to? Oops, it was stderr, so hack the initscript; lather,rinse,repeat".
After: "systemctl status NAME.service"

Before: "This job needs to auto-restart when it dies for whatever reason. Write a hacky wrapper which utterly fails to *not* restart the thing when it *should* die."
After: "This job needs to auto-restart? Add a single well-documented line to the .service file."

And so on.

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