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Tent v0.1 released

Tent v0.1 released

Posted Sep 22, 2012 17:42 UTC (Sat) by geofft (subscriber, #59789)
In reply to: Tent v0.1 released by job
Parent article: Tent v0.1 released

Have you completely forgotten about webmail? Most users access their email client over HTTP. Port 25 works from one mail server to another (of course), but generally not between home users and their mail servers.

Port 80 inbound to home users also tends not to work.

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Tent v0.1 released

Posted Sep 23, 2012 20:39 UTC (Sun) by drag (subscriber, #31333) [Link]

The only people that I know that use email clients on their computers are Linux geeks and employees that are required to use Outlook. Even the majority of the hardcore folks that I know once managed their own email servers for personal uses have long since abandoned them for Gmail.

Email is a huge pile of shit on many levels and while everybody still uses it nobody wants to deal with it.

Maybe if it tied itself into DNSSEC and made it so people actually could trust the originator of the email to be who they claim to be it may move back into the 'things that don't totally suck' category of software, but I am pretty sure it is just too far gone at this point.

Even professionally managed webmail is getting more and more useless. Which is one of the reasons we see the rise of 'social networking'.

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