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Tent v0.1 released

Tent v0.1 released

Posted Sep 21, 2012 22:32 UTC (Fri) by job (guest, #670)
In reply to: Tent v0.1 released by lindi
Parent article: Tent v0.1 released

While your story here may not be representative for other reasons, it is clearly irrelevant what protocol you used. You would have had exactly the same e-mail problems (I take it they are reputational in nature) if your mail was pushed over JSON over HTTP. They would just be a lot harder to debug.

And the connection limit your friend encountered on IRC would be just as relevant if it was a web chat over HTTP. In fact, they would be worse. If it should be taken as an argument for anything, it is clearly that one should not try to cram even functionality over one specific command protocol.

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Tent v0.1 released

Posted Sep 22, 2012 17:48 UTC (Sat) by geofft (subscriber, #59789) [Link]

You misunderstand the point being made. The argument is that most home users push their mail over JSON over HTTP (or something) to an intermediary like Gmail that does trust them (because it authenticates them), and the intermediary sends the email over SMTP.

There is no proposal to make SMTP use HTTP as a transport. The point being made is that, despite most people having email work fine, most people do not directly use SMTP on their home computer, and instead use HTTP to access access some other machine that _does_ use SMTP. So it is not contradictory that port 25 on the home user's side of the connection does not work for most people, even though most people do use email.

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