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Bazaar code metrics

Bazaar code metrics

Posted Sep 19, 2012 15:45 UTC (Wed) by jermar (guest, #86674)
Parent article: Bazaar on the slow track

Ohloh provides a useful comparison between Bazaar, Mercurial and Git based on accurate code metrics. From there, it follows that Bazaar has had the fewest developers in total and also during the past 12 months. But surprisingly, the code activity (2589 commits) produced by its 35 contributors last year is much higher than the activity produced by Mercurial's 115. It's rather closer to what Git's 200 contributors did during the past 12 months. The trend of lines-of-code is kind of logarithmic, but so is Git's. From these statistics, there appears to be a drop in number of developers and commits, but given the absolute numbers above, it's probably nothing dramatic.

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Bazaar code metrics

Posted Sep 19, 2012 16:49 UTC (Wed) by bronson (subscriber, #4806) [Link]

Interesting! It looks like Bazaar is seeing a lot of churn?
                 bzr             hg              git
Lines Added	 658,329 lines	 107,171 lines	 830,470 lines
Lines Removed	 332,498 lines	 39,803 lines	 268,636 lines
Also, the 30 day numbers are currently telling a different story than the 12 month numbers.

Still, overall, that's impressive work per capita by the bzr developers.

Mercurial mostly written in Perl?

Posted Sep 22, 2012 13:02 UTC (Sat) by robinst (subscriber, #61173) [Link]

It's pretty funny that the Ohloh comparison shows Mercurial to be "Mostly written in Perl"! The same is also shown on the language details for Mercurial.

Turns out that Mercurial uses something similar to shell scripts with a .t extension for test cases, which the language detector categorizes as Perl. Luckily Ohcount, the library which does the counting, is on GitHub, so I submitted a pull request to change that.

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