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Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux

Posted Sep 15, 2012 22:14 UTC (Sat) by paradigm (guest, #86730)
In reply to: Bedrock Linux by cmccabe
Parent article: Bedrock Linux

> Doesn't it seem silly not to have an installer? Might limit the number of, um, installs.

Well yes, of course. I most definitely want one and expect Bedrock Linux will have one eventually - almost certainly before the first stable release. However, I remain concerned about the items listed in the FAQ entry. The items listed are non-issues for most other distros as they either (1) have a large team including dedicated security update people, or (2) are based on and heavily pull from an existing distribution. Bedrock Linux isn't really in that position. From what I can tell, other small-team non-derived distros in Bedrock's position just don't worry about the things I am. Perhaps I am setting my standards to high.

> Sounds like a fun project, though. I bet you'll learn a lot at the very least.

Oh, it most certainly is, and I can happily say I've already learned quite a bit.

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Bedrock Linux

Posted Sep 15, 2012 23:19 UTC (Sat) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

Just curious. Is there a reason you are not using namespaces?

Bedrock Linux

Posted Sep 16, 2012 0:05 UTC (Sun) by paradigm (guest, #86730) [Link]

A combination of the following three things:

1. I had difficulties with early experimentation with namespaces, mostly due to gaps in my knowledge about them.

2. I wanted to get something functional done by certain self-imposed deadlines, even if it is built on work which would later be scrapped. I simply reached the point where I could do what is being done in the current release of Bedrock Linux before I learned enough to do something comparable with namespaces. Bedrock Linux is the OS I've wanted for years. Despite the issues pointed out in the article above (all of which I agree with), its very nice to finally have and use it.

3. Insufficient knowledge in how namespaces would be preferable to what I already know how to do for the upcoming release (namely, going into and breaking out of chroots with a capabilities/setuid'd executable). While there are issues with the current system, the new system should fix most if not all of them fairly cleanly, and will likely be faster for me to implement than anything with namespaces.

If there are good reasons for using namespaces over the plans for the next release, I'd be happy to switch tracks, or stay on track for the upcoming release and plan to move to namespaces for the next one. The issue could simply be a failure on my part to learn enough about namespaces - perhaps my google-fu is simply to weak. I would be greatly appreciative if someone could point me in the right direction to learn more.

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