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Mailing list etiquette

Mailing list etiquette

Posted Sep 13, 2012 21:17 UTC (Thu) by raven667 (subscriber, #5198)
In reply to: Mailing list etiquette by geofft
Parent article: Mailing list etiquette

The lack of context, body language and tone of voice, in email causes a lot of communication to be much more inflammatory than what was intended by the sender. The same words can take on different meanings depending on the intonation and emphasis.

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Mailing list etiquette

Posted Sep 13, 2012 21:24 UTC (Thu) by geofft (subscriber, #59789) [Link]

I agree, but this is why I try to be more conservative in the words I use, so that they're less likely to be misinterpreted in that way.

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