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ISVs providing Linux downloads

ISVs providing Linux downloads

Posted Sep 12, 2012 19:22 UTC (Wed) by hummassa (subscriber, #307)
In reply to: ISVs providing Linux downloads by mpr22
Parent article: Meeks: Linux on the (consumer) Desktop

Your choice of vocabulary bemuses this Brazilianman that did not know what "to bemuse" mean. And a brief explanation about said King Cnut and whatnot would be useful to help all other fellow netizens from every corner of the Earth to understand what is this all about.

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ISVs providing Linux downloads

Posted Sep 12, 2012 23:18 UTC (Wed) by Wol (guest, #4433) [Link]

King Knut (or Canute) had a bunch of courtiers who were rather too good in their flattery.

So I don't know the details exactly, but anyways, he went to the seaside, had his throne plonked on the beach, and he told the rising tide to go away.

The story is widely understood to be about a megalomaniac king who thought he could do anything.

The reality is the opposite - that he was teaching his courtiers a lesson that he WASN'T omnipotent, and that all their flattery was a load of hot air.

It's near the bottom of the wikipedia page on "King Canute".


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