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ISVs providing Linux downloads

ISVs providing Linux downloads

Posted Sep 12, 2012 14:34 UTC (Wed) by pboddie (guest, #50784)
In reply to: ISVs providing Linux downloads by robert_s
Parent article: Meeks: Linux on the (consumer) Desktop

At last, someone speaks up for the average user instead of the craze-chasing gadget surfers who can install anything they like (well, apart from a replacement for the locked down base system, that is) for the matter-of-weeks ownership honeymoon period of their new, mobile, "desktop-killing" device before they then seek to replace it with an even newer one "because it has better software".

Where Meeks is right (or is right in terms of emphasis, at least - I only skimmed the article) is that the revenue opportunities for selling reliable, durable, boring-but-works products are limited in this day and age. Everyone would rather sell you flimsy stuff, the same stuff over and over again, or stuff you don't need but can be persuaded to want.

But people actually do want stuff that does the job unless they want to show off. Sadly, the big money is to be made in people showing off.

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