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Bazaar on the slow track

Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 12, 2012 2:33 UTC (Wed) by mathstuf (subscriber, #69389)
In reply to: Bazaar on the slow track by marcH
Parent article: Bazaar on the slow track

> Sometimes I wish I weren't that comfortable with git because that makes me too lazy now to try and learn Mercurial...

I tried using it for a few hours and my git experience made me lose some changes[1]. I'd call it data loss, but the devs consider it just a bug. Sure, they're both a DVCS, but I think starting from step one is probably easier when learning a new one than trying to make analogies based on my experience with darcs (XMonad repos and some other Haskell stuff), hg (tried to make a patch for mutt and udiskie), and one attempt to do something with bzr (don't even remember what it was, but zsh's vcs_info plugin for it is/was molasses (as in 5s for a prompt to appear with just the branch name and "dirty" status)). Every time, I get the feeling "I'd rather use git", but that's probably just familiarity talking.


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