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Bazaar on the slow track

Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 11, 2012 22:48 UTC (Tue) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946)
Parent article: Bazaar on the slow track

"If there were really a community of developers who would contribute if only the terms were more fair, an agreement-less Bazaar fork would almost certainly have emerged by now."

I am not sure about that. It doesn't seem like people are willing to fork over the issue of agreements unless there are other issues at play as well. Likely because there is no community of developers that even forms outside of the single dominant originator vendor in such cases. The forks that have emerged under similar circumstances have usually been formed by ex employees of that single vendor.

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Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 12, 2012 20:21 UTC (Wed) by ceplm (subscriber, #41334) [Link]

With every fork you have yet another choice ... do something else.

If MySQL users will finally get p*sed off enough to be willing to fork it, they won't do it (most likely). They will just go to MariaDB (or hopefully PostgreSQL, but that's another issue).

When bzr users will be missing some functionality in bzr, will they spent all that effort to create a fork of bzr which they will then have to maintain, or rather sit down and read ... it is really not that scary (anymore?).

Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 13, 2012 9:55 UTC (Thu) by hingo (guest, #14792) [Link]

Eh... Are you aware that MariaDB *is* a MySQL fork! It was created by - you said it - pissed of MySQL developers.

Even better, there are 2 more active MySQL forks too, and historically there have been several.

Bazaar on the slow track

Posted Sep 13, 2012 11:52 UTC (Thu) by ceplm (subscriber, #41334) [Link]

Of course, I know that ... but for my point it is completely irrelevant.

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