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KS2012: Distributions and upstream

KS2012: Distributions and upstream

Posted Sep 7, 2012 15:01 UTC (Fri) by xav (subscriber, #18536)
In reply to: KS2012: Distributions and upstream by dlang
Parent article: KS2012: Distributions and upstream

> Sometimes this means that to get some specific option that's got a particularly high cost for those that don't care about it, you have to compile your own kernel (and the distros that strongly discourage this really should be slapped, and yes, I am thinking of RHEL)

Just wait a bit for your new secureboot server. You'll have no other option left than running the distro-provided kernel.

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KS2012: Distributions and upstream

Posted Sep 10, 2012 13:44 UTC (Mon) by vonbrand (guest, #4458) [Link]

You misrepresent what folks are trying to do. The work in this area is to enable users a frictionless installation of their choosen distribution, and allow hachkish types to set up secure boot to handle self-compiled kernels without disabling it completely. I do agree that this whole mess is a misguided "security" feature at best, and a thinly veiled attempt from software-vendors/"content"-distributors to stab at controlling our machines at will at worst. In any case, it is being forced down out throats, we have to see how to make the best of it.

KS2012: Distributions and upstream

Posted Sep 10, 2012 13:55 UTC (Mon) by xav (subscriber, #18536) [Link]

Do you know that you sound more pessimistic than I do ? :)

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