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Qubes 1.0 released

Qubes 1.0 released

Posted Sep 7, 2012 9:26 UTC (Fri) by lindi (subscriber, #53135)
In reply to: Qubes 1.0 released by dlang
Parent article: Qubes 1.0 released

> you are leaving out the separate kernel running in the VM, it can have it's own vulnerabilities.

I don't think vulnerabilities in the VM kernel matter. There is no root password so malicious code in a VM can just switch to root and load a kernel module, right? Qubes does not depend on the security of the kernel that runs inside the VM.

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Qubes 1.0 released

Posted Sep 7, 2012 18:33 UTC (Fri) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

vulnerabilities in the VM kernel absolutely matter.

If the kernel that's run inside the VM is vulnerable to a remote exploit, you just loop through all the VMs and exploit it's kernel to take over that VM.

the fact that it's a separate kernel from the main OS kernel can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how stripped down it is and how it's upgraded.

I've seen too many people think that VMs never need to be upgraded and so they end up running old, vulnerable versions of things inside the VM because "virtualization solves the security problem"

Qubes 1.0 released

Posted Sep 7, 2012 18:44 UTC (Fri) by lindi (subscriber, #53135) [Link]

You have a point. However, not all VMs in Qubes are connected to a network.

The VMs that are connected typically have a firewall (running in a separate VM too) with a policy that limits the incoming traffic. Software can always have bugs but local root vulnerabilities are much more common than remotely exploitable bugs against a system that only runs firewall and offers no services.

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