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The new Java 0Day examined (The H)

The new Java 0Day examined (The H)

Posted Sep 2, 2012 1:30 UTC (Sun) by gmaxwell (guest, #30048)
In reply to: The new Java 0Day examined (The H) by drag
Parent article: The new Java 0Day examined (The H)

Or you could just take responsibility for your own life and not use shitty software.
Meh. Everything else you said was great— but software, certainly closed source binary software, is something of a lemon market. The authors may know that the software was rushed, untested, and shoddy, but the users can only tell after the fact. It's not right to blame the victims, even if it also isn't right to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Perhaps it might be more realistic to establish disclosure requirements— thus delemoning the market and reducing the incentives to be dishonest about your poor software quality— than it would be to make people responsible for unreliable and poorly maintained code?

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