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"We the people" source released

"We the people" source released

Posted Aug 24, 2012 11:26 UTC (Fri) by Klavs (guest, #10563)
In reply to: "We the people" source released by job
Parent article: "We the people" source released

How do you know the code has been forked?

Have you checked that core Drupal and all the modules which have an upstream (different than the one who created the site) isn't just the same - but added to github to make it "simple" (ie. just duplicated code - nothing else) ?

Normally, Drupal developers are good at following the standard way of developing Drupal sites, which means NO core changes, and all changes done using hooks - in a module they write themselves, and in the theme itself.

So I don't think there's a lot of forking going on here - I actually highly doubt it.

I'm sure that's probably not the same for many other projects, but Drupal is actually a very well managed project with very sane development practicses IMHO. I particularly enjoy the fact, that new releases of same major version (f.ex. 6.0,6.1 etc.) just as RHEL does it, only contains severe bugfixes, and security updates - meaning you can actually upgrade rather safely, without getting featurechanges etc. They don't support each release for as many years, as RHEL does though - "only" until two new major releases has come out.

So Drupal is IMHO a very company friendly project, in that you get security upgrades ONLY - support for this for a long time - and security announcements as well.

PHP is in many ways not a well-designed language - but that does not mean Drupal isn't a great project or CMS Framework.

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