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The GNOME project at 15

The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 16, 2012 23:14 UTC (Thu) by jmorris42 (guest, #2203)
In reply to: The GNOME project at 15 by cjsh
Parent article: The GNOME project at 15

> follow the content creator line..

Truly. Chasing the tablet/touch market is a losing game. First off it is a locked world where preloads rule. And GNOME isn't going to get to play there. Why? Because of the second issue, GNOME is even more resource heavy than the craptastic Java spectacular that is Android. So it would only play well on a top of the line tablet. So imagine if you will an A list vendor putting GNOME on a top of the line showcase product. Right.

It might could evolve to be a real quality product on tablets but it ain't ever going to get the chance to try. Content creators on desktops is something that is a more achievable goal.

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The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 18, 2012 14:43 UTC (Sat) by bats999 (guest, #70285) [Link]

I don't think touch/tablet and content creation are necessarily exclusive however. Comic cons for example are filled with artists who create *quality* content with nothing more than a fruit-pad and their index finger, sometimes a stylus. Ergonomically can't be beat. That's worth something...

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