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The GNOME project at 15

The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 16, 2012 18:49 UTC (Thu) by hummassa (subscriber, #307)
In reply to: The GNOME project at 15 by fb
Parent article: The GNOME project at 15

> I am seriously considering switching to OSX after using Linux for 17 years. Nothing to do with desktop work flows, notifications or animations (either lack or presence) but applications. There are too many desktop applications which Linux lacks (at least with the feature and support level) that I find myself in need of.

Just curious, what apps are we talking about? I use KDE for a long time, and for the last 3 years I have suffered OSX Leopard, Lion and now Mountain Lion, just because I developed some iOS software. There are no apps in my MacBook that are better than the apps in my home and office desktops...

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The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 16, 2012 20:17 UTC (Thu) by fb (subscriber, #53265) [Link]

> Just curious, what apps are we talking about?

Out of the top of my head:
- PDF editor (no, okular does not edit PDFs, it just pretends to do that). I used this PDF X-Change (proprietary) under Wine, but it crashes somewhat often.
- (Own a fancy video camera) a decent video editor (yes, there are video editors for Linux... no, I am not happy with them).
- (Own a fancy photo camera) a good RAW editor (yes, I know dcraw and the others, IMHO they are not as good as Lightroom or the RAW editor that came with my camera which I failed to run using Wine)
- a photo manager that allows me to easily create a high quality album for printing.

On a practical note, my wife uses OSX. Using the same OS would simplify some of my `family sys-admin duties`.

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