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Give GNOME 3 time

Give GNOME 3 time

Posted Aug 16, 2012 16:54 UTC (Thu) by cortana (subscriber, #24596)
In reply to: Give GNOME 3 time by cortana
Parent article: The GNOME project at 15

Oh, and you can run `gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences click-policy single` (or browse to the right setting in dconf-editor) to get the behaviour you want (which is I assume that of items opening upon a single click).

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Give GNOME 3 time

Posted Aug 16, 2012 18:50 UTC (Thu) by pboddie (guest, #50784) [Link]

Thank you for the advice! I will endeavour to remember and implement this suggestion when I next get the chance and if Nautilus re-enters the picture as a more satisfactory file explorer than Dolphin.

However, I must note, and I hope that you and/or other readers will take this as a constructive suggestion, that more needs to be done to make the user experience more uniform and/or more obviously configurable so that if people want to evaluate desktop environments and applications without constraining themselves to using the "official" applications for a particular environment, then this can be done without needing to have an intimate knowledge of every environment to hand.

Give GNOME 3 time

Posted Aug 18, 2012 23:38 UTC (Sat) by ebassi (subscriber, #54855) [Link]

or, you know, open the preferences dialog in nautilus itself. sadly, single-click operations are not yet well designed - there's still lots to do in that area, and the design team and nautilus maintainer are well aware of that.

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