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The GNOME project at 15

The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 16, 2012 7:00 UTC (Thu) by moabi (guest, #77626)
In reply to: The GNOME project at 15 by rgmoore
Parent article: The GNOME project at 15

I'd just like to add that I am another happy Gnome 3 user. 3.0 was a bit rough, but once the memory leaks were fixed and extensions came along in 3.2 it works great. Unobtrusive, lets me launch and switch apps easily.

I also like the fact that tracker/zeitgeist just seems to work without hogging my cpu (unlike nepomuk/virusoso), that the volume control finds remote pulseaudio sinks automagically (especially with the advanced volume control extension, it is night and day better than kmix!). Compared to kde, it seems like gnome devs have focused on fixing the 'plumbing' rather than the bling - kudos.

A few gripes of course:
- nautilus, no easy filtering of folders, so I run dolphin as my file browser (it is one of the 'stars' of kde imho, very sad to see it is no longer maintained) - it is great to be able to do ctrl-i p d and have a list of pdfs for example.

- no automatic system for updating extensions when gnome is updated

If it continues to improve at the rate it did from 3.0 to 3.2 to 3.4, I'll be very happy. While I occasionally use fluxbox on older machines and for specific tasks, gnome 3 worksforme.

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