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The GNOME project at 15

The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 15, 2012 15:49 UTC (Wed) by bronson (subscriber, #4806)
In reply to: The GNOME project at 15 by hummassa
Parent article: The GNOME project at 15

So in 3 years they broke and re-fixed the dashboard, and added optional signed executables? That sounds like hardly any breakage at all...? Honestly curious, I'm very new to this Mac thing.

(A question: I see people going nuts over signed executables but I've downloaded Gimp, MacVim, GnuBG, Sublime Editor, lots of homebrew tools, and tons of other open source apps to my Mountain Lion machine with zero trouble. Where do the signed executable restrictions get in the way?)

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The GNOME project at 15

Posted Aug 16, 2012 16:56 UTC (Thu) by cortana (subscriber, #24596) [Link]

I think people are justifiably worried that signed executables will be enforced in a future version of OS X.

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