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Kernel release status

The current development kernel is 3.6-rc1, announced on August 2. "As usual, even the shortlog is too big to usefully post, but there's the usual breakdown: about two thirds of the changes are drivers (with the CSR driver from the staging tree being a big chunk of the noise - christ, that thing is big and wordy even after some of the crapectomy). [...] Of the non-driver portion, a bit over a third is arch (arm, x86, tile, mips, powerpc, m68k), and the rest is a fairly even split among fs, include file noise, networking, and just 'rest'." See the summary below for what was merged after last week's update.

Stable updates: The 3.2.25 and 3.2.26 kernels were released on August 3 and August 5 respectively. The 3.2.27, 3.4.8, 3.0.40, and 3.5.1 stable reviews are underway as of this writing; those kernels can be expected on or after August 9.

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