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PythonOnWheels announced

From:  python onwheels <>
Subject:  PythonOnWheels (PoW)
Date:  Fri, 3 Aug 2012 16:38:50 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article


I am announcing PythonOnWheels. (short PoW)

Projectname: PythonOnWheels 
Motto: We are only on wheels but it feels like having wings ;)

A quick and easy to use generative Web framework for python.

STOP: I know what you are thinking: " What the world doen't need are more 
lawyers and python web frameworks"

    And you are right. But I am announcing this mostly to get feedback from
    the community. Any feedback is welcome. 

Some years ago I saw a screencast about ruby on rails and that really blew my
mind. I Searched something equivalant for python but found only micro or mega 
So I think there is even some space for PoW. Besides the fun I had and have developing it ;)
The idea is to make the developer focus on his/her App instead of the framework.

List of Features (not complete)
* Model View Controller
* Uses the well proven Ruby On Rails principles
    ** convention over configuration
    ** generate_model, generate_controller, generate_migration
* Scaffolding dabei
    ** generate_scaffold
* JQuery integration
* Responsive Layout based on Twitter Bootstrap
* Lightweight - simple and easy to use
* Nose Tests
    * automatically generate for you. runtest script to run them
* Database Migrations
* web app generation with batteries included:
    ** Session support
    ** basic authentication (Beta 2) 
* Runs with Apache & mod_wsgi 
* includes a ready to run simple_server
    * full environment on your laptop, mac or pc

Coming for Beta 1:
    * Observer pattern
    * Validation (as a plugin)

    Weblog with PythonOnWheels in 10 minutes. ->


Get it on Github:

    (Be sure to take the beta1 branch (as of 03.08.20120))

    I did not reinvent the wheel but rely on the brilliant and proven standards out there
    so PoW (and you) will need:
    webob (pip or easy_install)
    Mako (pip or easy_install)
    Beaker (pip or easy_install)
    SQLAlchemy (pip or easy_install)
    nose (pip or easy_install)
So, that's all folks ;) 

I am really appreciating any feedback. reply to this or email to

best regards,

        Support the Python Software Foundation:

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