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SCO files for chapter 7 (Groklaw)

SCO files for chapter 7 (Groklaw)

Posted Aug 8, 2012 15:14 UTC (Wed) by hamjudo (guest, #363)
In reply to: SCO files for chapter 7 (Groklaw) by alspnost
Parent article: SCO files for chapter 7 (Groklaw)

McBride was the spokesperson, and scapegoat. McBride's last new business was "Me Inc". The webpage is still up, but the business looks pretty dead. I'm not trying to say he deserves sympathy, just that he appears to no longer be a threat to free software. Conversely, Ralph Yarro, was the chairman of the board, still has multiple active businesses, and never lost a home to foreclosure. He wasn't the public spokesperson, so there aren't so many ugly quotes attributed to him, but he was the spokesperson's boss the whole time.

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