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The ups and downs of strlcpy()

The ups and downs of strlcpy()

Posted Aug 1, 2012 15:50 UTC (Wed) by quotemstr (subscriber, #45331)
In reply to: The ups and downs of strlcpy() by nix
Parent article: The ups and downs of strlcpy()

> Right. So I'm a mere user on a system with 250 users

That's a rare edge case these days, like it or not. If you do regularly use such a system, it's the administrator's job to make sure system resources are adequate. The kernel is there to accurately account for system resources, not work around your sysadmin's snobbery.

> This despite the fact that vfork() cannot do many of the things you do between a fork() and exec()

Such as?

> hence the appallingly insane complexity of the interface

I don't think the interface is particularly complex. It's less complex than pthreads, certainly.

> the latter in particular is absolutely crackpot.

Do you really need to make it personal?

> Thank goodness I can turn overcommit off on my own systems

I think you mean "on".

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