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Quotes of the week

If someone has to read the code to find out what the driver is, your help text probably sucks.
Dave Jones

The number of underscores for the original rcu_dereference()'s local variable was the outcome of an argument about how obfuscated that variable's name should be in order to avoid possible collisions with names in the enclosing scope. Nine leading underscores might seem excessive, or even as you say, insane, but on the other hand no name collisions have ever come to my attention.
Paul McKenney

For cases like that, I will do the merge myself, but I'll actually double-check my merge against the maintainer merge. And it's happened more than once that my merge has differed, and _my_ merge is the correct one. The maintainer may know his code better, but I know my merging. I do a ton of them.
Linus Torvalds
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