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Future of OpenVZ?

Future of OpenVZ?

Posted Jul 27, 2012 15:39 UTC (Fri) by dskoll (subscriber, #1630)
In reply to: Future of OpenVZ? by dowdle
Parent article: CRtools 0.1 released

The solution is simple... if Debian is dropping OpenVZ support... and they do have a good reason... don't use Debian as your host node distro.

The solution is not that simple. All of our management tools and scripts assume Debian. I haven't used a RedHat-like distro in years, so I'd have to learn all the new management and packaging tools, modify my scripts, etc. It's not so easy to change a major thing like a distro.

I realize OpenVZ has problems, but this decision means Debian Wheezy won't have a viable container system. They dropped Linux-VServer a while back and now they're dropping OpenVZ in favour of LXC, but LXC is nowhere near ready. :(

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Future of OpenVZ?

Posted Jul 30, 2012 8:04 UTC (Mon) by kolyshkin (guest, #34342) [Link]

You can use OpenVZ RHEL6-based kernel on Debian:

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