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CRtools 0.1 released

CRtools 0.1 released

Posted Jul 25, 2012 12:36 UTC (Wed) by Lennie (guest, #49641)
In reply to: CRtools 0.1 released by gebi
Parent article: CRtools 0.1 released

Also if you are reading you are probably a developer, if you don't like the userspace tools.

You could propose changes or even help develop/improve them.

I would love to see someone add the ability to run lxc-execute on a running container.

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CRtools 0.1 released

Posted Jul 25, 2012 15:17 UTC (Wed) by gebi (subscriber, #59940) [Link]

OpenVZ tools and management framework already exists and works quite well. But afaik they talked about being able to administer a reduced functionality OpenVZ which just uses lxc in the kernel.

Seems the only thing missing is really the join container functionality. But there afaik is the problem with lxc allowing containers inside containers.

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