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Searching for common ground between Debian and FSF

Searching for common ground between Debian and FSF

Posted Jul 16, 2012 17:32 UTC (Mon) by ssam (guest, #46587)
Parent article: Searching for common ground between Debian and FSF

If this makes debian freer, then it is probably a good thing. however i think it would be unlikely for them to actually get to the other side of the 'line in the sand'.

I dont agree with where the FSF have drawn their line. It comes across as closed stuff is fine as long as its burnt into the hardware. I suspect there will be windows tablets soon that will meet the criteria. their advice to the openmoko people to put their firmware onto a ROM did nothing to actually make the device freer (hence it being ignored).

Personally I'd agree with garrett, that there is basically no fully free computers, because somewhere there is something secret. That does not mean we should not use computers, it just means there is still work to me done. In the early days of GNU it was userspace tools that required a propriety kernel. The FSF of today would have called that non free, but by any standard it was progress.

That said I am a supporter of the FSF. They have produced a huge amount of useful stuff that I am grateful of.

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